Unleashing DIY Tips for Optimal HVAC Performance

If you are a business establishment located in Orlando, Winter Park, or Oviedo, you are not immune to the weather variations typical in Florida. Frank Gay Commercial Services, LLC offers a broad spectrum of HVAC services that contribute to smooth business operations. However, there are some simple DIY tips that you can employ to complement our services, ensuring optimal HVAC functioning. This guide aims to offer insightful DIY tips beneficial to your HVAC system.

Regular System Inspection and Maintenance

An HVAC system comprises a range of components that require regular attention. From the AC ductwork to the heating elements, each part carries its significance in the overall system function. Ideally, routine check-ups and maintenance should be conducted before the onset of extreme weather changes. These precautions often allow you more grace in identifying challenges in advance and addressing them, thus promoting efficiency in managing your energy costs.

Frequent Filter Changes

Filter changes should rest on your list of routine maintenance checks. A clogged filter burdens the HVAC system, forcing it to work harder than necessary. Doing this not only shoots up your energy bill but also reduces the lifespan of the system. Ensuring that you conduct filter changes every three months becomes crucial. However, if your business premises experiences heavy foot traffic or is located in a highly polluted area, the check should be more frequent.

Adopting a Programmable Thermostat

The technological landscape keeps shifting, and HVAC systems are not left behind. Programmable thermostats have proven to be exceptionally efficient in managing energy costs. They provide you an edge of predetermining your desired temperatures throughout the day. Presence or absence in your premises becomes irrelevant as programmable thermostats cater to your specific needs on scheduled program, effectively reducing energy usage.

Seal Heating and Cooling Ducts

Approximately 20-30% of the air moving around your ducts can be lost due to leaks, holes, or poorly connected ducts. This loss means that your system works harder to maintain the desired temperature and, in return, increases your energy bill. You can avoid this by thoroughly inspecting ducts in your attic, basement, and service rooms. If you find any leakages or gaps, use mastic sealant or metal tape to seal them. Note that duct tape isn’t as reliable as its adhesiveness fades over time.

In conclusion, regular maintenance and proactive management of your HVAC system can increase its longevity while reducing downtime. It bears repeating that while these tips work to enhance your system’s performance, they do not replace needed professional service checks. Engage professionals like Frank Gay Commercial Services, LLC for your HVAC’s major repair and maintenance, thus guaranteeing seamless business operations.

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