Debunking Myths: The Absolute Facts about AC Repair and HVAC Installation

Grissom Service Company, a household name in servicing HVAC systems and AC repairs, would like to use this straight-talking guide to debunk common myths that circulate within these industries. Because we believe in transparency and efficient service, understanding these misconceptions may help you avoid unnecessary costs and stress.

Myth 1: HVAC systems don’t need regular servicing

There’s this prevalent myth that HVAC systems can go years without a single service. However, if you want your system to operate at peak efficiency, then regular check-ups should be on your calendar. By ensuring that all elements of your HVAC system are running smoothly, you can avoid unexpected malfunctions and keep soaring energy bills at bay.

Myth 2: More Frequent AC Repairs Will Extend the Lifespan

Frequent repairs are not always the answer to a longer lifespan for your air conditioning unit. In fact, such an approach might end up causing more harm than good, leading to an overworked system and unnecessary costs. Proper servicing and maintenance are key factors in enhancing your unit’s longevity.

Myth 3: You only replace filters when they’re dirty

While it’s true that a dirty filter needs replacing, it’s wrong to assume that clean-looking filters are functioning optimally. Filters trap dust, pollen, and other pollutants that can obstruct airflow if not changed regularly. It is recommended to replace your filter every 60 to 90 days for the best air quality and system performance.

Myth 4: All HVAC Installation Companies are the Same

The last myth we’re debunking today is the belief that all HVAC installation companies offer identical services. This is far from the truth. Grissom Service Company prides itself on providing exceptional customer service, high-quality equipment, and professionally trained technicians ensuring that our HVAC Systems Installations stand out from the rest.

Now that you know the real facts beyond these myths, you can make better informed decisions about your HVAC system and AC unit. Trust the experts at Grissom Service Company to provide you with the reliable service you need and deserve.

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