Daily Grind at T. N. Bowes

Morning Rush

Another day, another busy schedule. As an HVAC technician at T. N. Bowes, my mornings begin with a team huddle to discuss the day’s assignments. Today, we have a mix of AC installations, repairs, and maintenance calls across Lexington Park, Hollywood, and Leonardtown.

On the Road

I hop into my van, stocked with tools and supplies, and hit the road. First stop, a residential AC installation in Lexington Park. The homeowners are excited to beat the summer heat with a new energy-efficient system.

  1. Assess the site and plan the installation
  2. Carefully remove the old unit
  3. Install the new AC unit, following strict safety protocols
  4. Test and ensure proper operation

The homeowners are thrilled with the improved comfort and lower energy bills.

Lunchtime Hustle

Between calls, I grab a quick lunch and catch up on paperwork. Maintaining accurate records is crucial for our EPA certification and customer satisfaction.

Afternoon Challenges

Next up, a commercial HVAC repair in Hollywood. The office building’s AC unit has been acting up, leaving employees sweating at their desks. After some troubleshooting, I identify the culprit – a faulty compressor. With the owner’s approval, I order the replacement part and schedule a follow-up visit.

Wrapping Up

The final call of the day is a routine maintenance check for a loyal customer in Leonardtown. I inspect the system, clean the coils, and ensure everything is running smoothly. Preventive maintenance is key to extending the lifespan of HVAC units and avoiding costly breakdowns.

As the sun sets, I head back to the office, satisfied with a productive day of keeping our community cool and comfortable.

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