Busting Myths about Furnace Service & Heating Service

When it comes to maintaining a cozy and comfortable home, your heating system plays a crucial role. Over time, misconceptions about Furnace Service & Heating Service have cropped up, leading people to make ill-informed decisions. At T-Mark Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we aim to provide the residents of Orchard Park, Clarence, Ellicottville, NY, and surrounding areas with the best advice for achieving an efficient and long-lasting heating system. Let’s debunk some of these popular myths.

Myth 1: Turn up the Thermostat to Heat Your Home Fast

Contrary to popular belief, hiking up the thermostat does not necessarily heat your home faster. In fact, most heating systems work at the same pace no matter what the thermostat is set to. By setting it too high, you run the risk of forgetting to turn it down, leading to wasted energy and higher utility bills. Instead, setting the thermostat to a comfortable level and allowing the furnace time to do its job is a smarter approach.

Myth 2: You Only Need to Replace Your Air Filters Once a Year

Another common misconception is that air filters only need changing once a year. The correct frequency is actually more dependent on the type of air filter you have, the size of your home, and how often your heating system is in use. A good rule of thumb is to replace your air filters at least every 90 days to ensure you’re breathing clean air and not putting undue strain on your heating system.

Myth 3: Annual Furnace Maintenance Isn’t Necessary

The efficiency and longevity of your heating system is largely dependent on regular maintenance. It’s a common myth that annual furnace service is unnecessary- when in actuality, annual service can extend the life of your heating system, improve energy efficiency, and prevent costly repairs down the line. Trusting a professional company such as T-Mark Plumbing, Heating & Cooling with this regular maintenance can deliver unparalleled peace of mind.

In conclusion, it’s vitally important to make informed decisions regarding your furnace service and heating system maintenance. As trusted service providers in Orchard Park, Clarence, and Ellicottville, NY, we’re committed to dispelling these myths and guiding our customers towards the most efficient and cost-effective heating solutions. Contact us today for all your heating and cooling needs.

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