Bringing the Heat: We’re Staab & Sons, Inc.

When your home becomes one icy Antarctica, or your office seems frigid enough to host the Winter Olympics, who you gonna call? Forget Ghostbusters, Staab & Sons, Inc. steps in to save the day! The world might not be flat, but when your heating gives up, we promise your teeth will be chattering in pure ‘flatness’. Let’s put an end to the ice age in your living space, shall we?

The Saga of Sensational Service

At Staab & Sons, we breathe Furnace Replacement and eat Heater Installation for breakfast! We’ve mastered the art of transforming a cold cave into a warm paradise. Our tech-savvy team with magic under their tool belts, speed-dial the repair solutions you didn’t even know existed. And when it’s time for a farewell to your old heater, we’re right there to suit your space up with a fresh, furnace-y glow. Heating repair is in our DNA (or should we say, denim overalls?) Check out our fantabulous services. We are Staab & Sons, Inc. – your sword in the chilling winter battle. Fun fact: We generate heat faster than popcorn pops!

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