Beat the Heat with Quirky Fixes While Awaiting Professional Repairs

Summer is here, blazing hot and intense. And naturally, your trusty central AC unit chooses this very moment to have a vacation. No need to worry! While you’re waiting on your Central AC repair Clackamas, OR, you can fend off the heat with some amusing adaptations until Milwaukie Heating & Cooling swoops to your rescue.

First, consider a personal sprinkler system, just like the kind you used to run through as a kid. Strangely enough, it works! Although the water bill might start resembling your 6-month-old phone bill. Or perhaps, construct your own walk-in freezer using duct tape and ice cubes. Prepare for some soggy socks though.

On a more serious note, however, it’s important to get your AC fixed by reputable professionals, like our experts that specialize in Central Air Replacement West Linn, OR. Miss those warm, cozy winter days? Don’t worry, we also cater to Furnace Repair Lake Oswego, OR for when the seasons change.

So don’t worry about summer’s wrath or winter’s icy touch. With a good company at your side, you can laugh at the weather. Let us help you keep your cool and lighten up your day. We promise, no duct tape fridges required!

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